Webinar-on-DemandCreating A Digital-First Mindset in Your Company

Is your company ready for true MOONSHOT innovation?

Consider instead starting with small experiments – roofshots – to test out digital transformation at your company.

Watch this exclusive on-demand webinar and discover 6 things you can do starting NOW to build a digital-first culture in your organization.

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This popular session explores:

  • Where to start (hint: figure out your data)
  • Building up to a culture of innovation, through small trials
  • Ensuring full buy-in to your "why"
  • How to shift mindsets across a team or company
  • Scaling up from roofshots to moonshots
  • Fostering a culture of innovation

A "Must-Watch" Session

Truly disruptive innovation takes commitment, the right culture-fit and a willingness to fail. For traditional companies, moonshot innovation after decades of tried-and-true may be too much all at once.

Date: On demand

Duration: 90 Minutes including Q&A


Gina Wessels

Specialist Consultant, Mach Media

Gina has trained over 10,000 people face-to-face and online, and is one of 13 consultants worldwide to join Google’s Master Faculty.

She helps companies like:


...define and build their marketing strategies, and support their digital transformation.